Android App Development for Non-Developers

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Have an idea for an Android app? Is your lack of knowledge in app development stopping you? Here is why you shouldn’t stop! Developing an Android app just got easier, and if you have the idea, you should get started right away. App development is a very lucrative venture, and if you have an amazing idea; we say, jump right into it. There have been many success stories in the past, where many non-programmer app developers have made it big.

What’s more, the best part is it’s free. So, let us take you through some key pointers and soon you will be on your way to developing a cool new Android app.

The changing face of the app development industry

There was a time when creating an app meant you needed to know coding. This has now changed because of the changing app creation technology. This new shift has resulted in many newbie developers climbing to the top of the Google Play list. One such example is the smash hit game app Color Switch. Color Switch was created and developed by David Reichelt, who has sworn to develop the app with zero knowledge in coding. Reichelt’s app was great. We think it should be fairly easy to create a decent app as well. The key is the right combination of a great idea and a good working knowledge on how to execute it.

The Plan

 A good idea requires a well thought of plan. Begin with determining the kind of app yours will be. Think of something unique, and spend a fair amount of time zeroing in on the kind of app you will develop. You don’t want to invest all that time only to scrap the idea and start over!

Creating an app that is competing with some well-known apps? We suggest trying to develop an app that offers a unique proposition. An app that performs better perhaps?

Building the App

Download and install Android Studio. This is very important, especially if you do not have any coding experience. Also, make sure you download Java SE Development Kit 7. Both of these are free to download. (Of course, as time goes on, these programs will be updated to newer versions.)

Define App Parameters

Hit the Start a new Android Studio project and work with the options. Remember to plan well. Select the audience. For instance, if you are creating an app for smartphones, you can select that user box. You will also need to choose on what mode your app will run.

The Design

Design your app UI. Begin with deleting “Dummy Content” and “Dummy Button.” Choose where your buttons will go and name them appropriately. Remember to have a nice message showing up in the middle of your app screen.

Add a Little ‘Oomph’

Add those extras that can make your app stand out. Play around with the functions of Android Studio. And finally, click Run and test your app. You can also learn more on developing an app by checking out the Android Studio Guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your idea rip. Design your own Android app today.

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